Live Video Marketing: Some Great Examples

This phenomenon has spread widely and everyone is trying to get a piece of live outreach to consumers. Facebook Live and a variety of other media platforms have started a trend of information reaching audiences quickly and efficiently.


Here are five examples of excellent sites that take advantage of this feature in impressive ways.

1. Buzzfeed:

This quirky and fun site doesn’t provide any products or services per se. Their main source of income is ad revenue and utilizes their creative content to get attention and use video content marketing to enhance the same. The best example of their wacky methods would be a short videos streamed in April when Live had just come out on Facebook. Two people snapped rubber bands onto a watermelon one by one to see how much pressure the melon could take before bursting. It was a bizarre premise that attracted around 807,000 viewers at its highest point and showcased Buzzfeed’s unique marketing strategies.

2. Grazia UK:

This is an international subdivision of an Italian womens magazine, Grazia. This organization went to Facebook’s London headquarters for a collaborative partnership. They developed something called a ‘community issue’. Grazia UK live streamed almost all the events and gave viewers a backstage feel of the going ons. The most well received item was a live roundtable debate on Brexit with online users asking questions during its runtime and feeling like they were part of the debate.

3. Dunkin Donuts:

Most fast food and confectionery places know the importance of visual advertising. They want people to think of their brand and delicious wares when spying a cherished snack. The international donut brand hosted a live stream covering a test kitchen during the sugar craving inducing Valentine season. The process of making their signature creations was covered followed by a delicious finale of a donut themed wedding cake. 36,000 viewers tuned in which is an impressive amount, considering they were having their taste buds tickled.

4. Tough Mudder:

A brand of endurance events, similar to obstacle filled marathons and challenge participants. Their most prominent live stream was a training event featuring Coach T. Mud, a captivating personality who showed took viewers through how to approach an endurance event. The brands training programs and materials were also referenced and this was a smart way to get potential participants interested and convey the endurance message to laymen.

5. Tastemade:

A helpful cookery brand that can tease your taste buds with their video advertisement and uses this to draw users in. Their live event was a live version of a pre recorded series – the aptly named Tiny Kitchen that utilized miniatures to create miniature food. It garnered more than 3 million views and cemented Tastemades position on top. As you can see from these revealing stories, a live stream is a handy tool to help you reach more people in an efficient way.